A screen capture of the Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy website

Introducing Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy

Corporate Helicopters has trained hundreds of helicopter pilots over the years.

Recently, we launched a new web site geared specifically toward the experience of new and returning flight training students: Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy.

The site provides prospective students everything they need to know about helicopter flight training, in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner.

Helicopter flying over La Jolla coastline

This summer, YOU can fly an actual helicopter

Corporate Helicopters is now offering a ‘Summer Introductory Flight Lesson’!

You will start your Introductory Flight with 15 minutes of ground school which will cover safety information and how to work the helicopter controls. The Summer Introductory Flight Lesson will fly you and an Instructor over the Southern California coastline for 20 minutes.

A group of National Test Pilots pose in front of a helicopter

National Test Pilots in San Diego

The National Test Pilot School (NTPS) is the premier total flight test education and training organization in the world. Once a year, a group of pilots from the NTPS train at Corporate Helicopters for a few days. This year, we were excited to have pilots and engineers from South Korea, Israel, Australia, Sweden and Canada.

Helicopter flying over La Jolla coastline

Pilot for a day in San Diego

Is flying a helicopter on your bucket list or are you giving an awesome gift to a close friend or loved one? Corporate Helicopters offers Introductory Helicopter Flight Lessons for those wanting to try out flying for the day! For $399, you will learn the basics during 30 minutes of ground school, then fly with a helicopter instructor around San Diego.

Commercial helicopter pilot sits in Robinson R22 helicopter

Corporate Helicopters newest Commercial Pilot

Congratulations to Dave Shapiro for passing his check ride and becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

He is now multi-rated in both helicopters and airplanes, and plans to continue pursuing his passion of aviation.

Dave completed his private and commercial helicopter ratings in a total of just 4 months, way to go Dave!

Private helicopter pilot hovers helicopter

Private Pilot Graduate

Congratulations to Elliot Block on being Corporate Helicopters newest recipient of a Private Pilots License. Elliot has been training with us for just over a year. During that time, he was enrolled part time as he was also a full time student at Torrey Pines High School.

Helicopter in flight

Police Re-Currency Training

Eighteen pilots from various police organizations began their re-currency training in our Bell 206 JetRanger this month.

Chief Pilot Gary Roesink designed this program to garner maximum proficiency in the pilots knowledge and safety of the aircraft, as well as to further develop their flying abilities.

Man standing next to cherry red helicopter

Greg Simons Testimonial

I want to send my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Ivor Shier, Garner Sheperd, and the Corporate Helicopters team.

Their dedication and efforts, as well as their encouragement, helped me to fulfill my dream of flying helicopters!